Can’t Give Up!

What do you see?


What Does God See?

I was just watching some women being “made over” on television.  They “needed” it.  Don’t we all, in our secret hearts, yearn for a make over?  Come on, at some point in life, haven’t you looked in the mirror and been unimpressed? 

At the hands of stylists, fashion “experts” and the like, these two ladies got jazzy clothes, new makeup, dramatically new hairstyles . . . and everybody cried over how amazing they’d become. 

Does what our mirror tell us reveal our authentic selves?  Does this reflection have an impact on our performance?  Are we seeing what’s really there?  These ladies felt new and hopeful because of the “changes” made by talented humans . . . just imagine how our loving God can lead us to becoming the beautiful creatures He sees in us!  He doesn’t see what our mirror impresses on us.  He sees our “real” selves.  His “makeover” can change the world.  All we have to do is surrender to His love. 



6 Responses to Can’t Give Up!

  1. pbus1 says:

    The title of a message preached by a well known Pastor, “A Well Kept Body, and a Neglected Soul” came to mind as I read. God is concerned about the contents of our heart, about our authentic selves. Thanks for sharing, Martha! A timely message, indeed! God bless you!


  2. Aya's Life says:

    Hi Martha! How true this is! Walking with the Lord and meeting other women, I noticed that those women who have an intimate relationship with the Lord glow from inside-out. They radiate peace, joy and confidence — which makes them beautiful.


    • Thank you! I believe when we seek Him in the men and women we meet, we see the beauty and it outshines the outward appearance. We need to learn to see through His lens . . . Have a blessed day!


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