The Name of Jesus

So, have you ever needed to get away and be alone with the Lord and been so upset, frustrated, and angry and the rest of it that being quiet wasn’t working for you, and finding words to speak in prayer wasn’t working, and there was certainly no way you were going to at that moment pray in the Spirit, and about all you could do was call out His name?  Okay, you do not have to admit it publicly, but let me assure you that we all have those moments and the ones who tell you they never do?  Sorry, but the truth isn’t being spoken.  A priest friend and I were speaking about prayer and we were both dealing with “big stuff” and he admitted “sometimes I can only yell His name and that’s all the prayer I can speak and it’s okay.”  It’s true.  The Lord desires to be in relationship with us and that means take all our stuff to Him.  No matter what.  Have you got kids in your life and heart whom you’ve told (and meant it) that “you can come to me with anything” and later, when they got “In over their heads” and didn’t come to you when they might have, you again told them “I’ll always love you no matter what.  Come to me with anything.”  Well, if we humans can mean that, how much more amazing Jesus’ love for us is? 

Quiet time with Him can come in those times.  Calling out to Him brings healing to us.  When that calming presence is felt and I’m trying to let my distractions float away like balloons as I let go of a string, sometimes as I’m resting with Him, I take deep breaths in and out and quietly speak His name as I breath in and out . . .  Je . . . . sus . . . Je . . . sus . . . He is always there when I call Him.  . . . and when I don’t, too!


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  1. One of the things that drives me crazy is when my son gets down on himself and thinks he’s made mistakes so huge I can never forgive him. I immediately stop everything I’m doing to explain to him how very much I love him and how he could never do anything to change how I feel. But then I find myself bowing before the Lord in the same sort of shameful, groveling fashion as if I am not worthy of His love. What more could He possibly do to prove it than to die for my sins? We are a crazy bunch of humans. 🙂


    • So true Annette! It’s easy to write a post like this when sane, but we crazy humans need to keep reminding eachother, don’t we? Good thing we’re blessed to be part of this amazing body of Christ and through Him are lifted up!


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    As you may know, I have no problem with transparency: there have been times when all I could do was hold my open Bible in my hands, rocking back and forth, moaning “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus”. Couldn’t read or think of words to pray–just had to stay camped in His Name till His peace came.


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  4. Such words of truth…when i find that anger starts to rise, or someone does something that causes a rise, when i think that i might become fighting mad, there are always some special words
    that His spirit once said, “Peace be still”, And all the angry torrents are taking away in mere minutes, and balance is returned to my life by his precious grace. We all fail in the way we feel, but we do not have to ever stay there. “My grace is sufficient for you”, the beauty of life, is that He is our life…our breath and our heart. He shares all to us and when we remember that wordly problems become small, and hearts becomie forgiving ones. Wonderful message my sister!


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