The Betweens – A Tanka Poem

Oh, Monday, you come

though faced with mixed emotions

for I still recall

different times . . . a different life

and wonder what will be next?


But the sun still shines

even on a rainy day

and so I hold on

Tightly gripping faith and trust

knowing what’s beyond the clouds.


by Martha L Shaw – Copyright 8-19-2012




11 Responses to The Betweens – A Tanka Poem

  1. I love this, Martha, just beautiful, even though there is uncertainty, but then filled with hope at the end~


  2. As the song goes, “some days it rains all night long!” 🙂


  3. Yes we do, for our hearts wait in eager expectation! Beautiful!


  4. mtsweat says:

    A wonderful gift you have with words good friend. Thanks for uplifting message and blessings to you.


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