The Miracle Challenge!

I have read that miracles happen to each one of us every day.  We do not always notice them.  I am not certain which of the two statements I just made surprised me the most.  So, I gave it some thought and realized a number of things:

  • Jesus loves me
  • even on a bad day there’s some good to be found
  • coincidence happens more often to believers
  • I am more likely to notice the bad things
  • Where I look is where I head

So, of that list, I’d say “where I look is where I’ll head” is leaping off the page at me because a detested driving instructor said it often.  Wanted to strangle him . . . well, not really but couldn’t believe how often it was repeated and wished he’d find another way to “encourage.”  lol  It’s true though.  If we look at the negative stuff and allow ourselves to get stuck there by continuing to look at the negative, we won’t see anything else. 

It’s also true that the little nice things that happen are sometimes taken for granted, thought of as entitlements, etc., and not by me anyway fully appreciated.  Gotta also say, I’ve tended to be more focused on my “Give me give me” prayers and less focused on appreciating all He does for me.  I’m working ont that.  Funny how even a forced smile improves my day. 

Know what?  There are nice things . . . mini miracles happening all the time.  Try to find one in your day every day and soon, I promise, you’ll find so many!  Example of this change of focus . . . I have a couple of meetings a week during which I’m to share a “moment closest to Christ.”  I can recall a time when I’d have found that hard to come up with.  I’ve grown since then, THANK YOU PRECIOUS JESUS.  Now, I generally have a hard time deciding which of many to share EVEN ON A ROUGH WEEK. 

Mini miracles?  Here are a few that quickly popped into my mind:

  • back lawn was SO in need of mowing and my allergy makes yard work painful.  A friend called and asked if he could come over and do it for me . . . I had not asked him.  I said “yes.” 
  • I wanted a copy of Peterson’s “The Message” so badly but didn’t feel I could spend the money.  Felt an “urge” to go to the thrift store and there was a brand new copy on one of the many loaded bookshelves.  It was only 1.00. 
  • Several friends like yoga exercises but paying gym fees isn’t in the budget.  Went to a second hand bookstore and found a book with very clear instructions for these exercises . . . just .50 cents
  • Read the aforementioned book and saw the cushions/mats they did the exercises on.  Mental noted that when I get a job, I should pick one up.  Brought Mom to her favorite thrift shop.  They had an exercize mat for 1.00 and it was just what I needed.

I could go on, but I’d rather you shared one or more of yours.  Please do!  Sharing good news is the best way to reflect Jesus to the world and encourages others to seek Him.  Let’s try, shall we?  How has Jesus blessed your heart today?




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  2. Caddo Veil says:

    I can’t help myself, I just have to say this, “Jesus loves me, even on my Bad days!” And am I ever thankful–Amen!!! God bless you!


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