If the sky is dark and the rain is falling where you are, perhaps this will lift your spirits! God’s work and this artist’s photography cannot fail to bless!

Gwirrel's Garden

This is going to be a short post… mainly because I don’t actually really have anything to show you!

I don’t think I’ve taken any photos this week, because of three reasons really a) it’s been quite dull b) I’ve been staying out of the garden after having acquired lots of little bites; even places where no bug ought to go! And c) I’ve been battling with some weird cold, type hayfever, type throat infection and haven’t really been able to go outside as I get out of breath, start choking and it just isn’t very good. Yesterday afternoon at work I began to struggle talking and it felt like my voice was going to go, however this morning it hadn’t but I was still struggling and felt bad. I decided to call the docs at work this morning and book myself in.

So yes, antibiotics it is and apparently…

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