Can Perfect Peace Be Found?

“You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in you.”        Isaiah 26:3 NIV

I don’t know about you but I am not in the habit of using the word steadfast in my daily conversation, but I sure do pray a lot to feel and be filled with the peace of God.  I also find that the book of Isaiah speaks to be a lot of late.  So, I just looked up “steadfast” in the dictionary and this is what it revealed:

  • faith
  • fixed in direction
  • firm in purpose

Hmmm . . . firm in purpose.   tough one for me sometimes.  I spend a bit too much time fretting about my specific purpose.and thus find peace becomes elusive.  Could it be that once more I’m trying to run ahead and should be staying in step with Jesus?  I think perhaps this is so.  My purpose should be His will and the details will be revealed as He decides and always for my good.  This got me wanting more so I consulted an online Hebrew Lexicon and found something which delighted me. I learned that the biblical Hebrew word for steadfast is amad which means to take one’s hand.  This brought to mind an image of my inner child holding hands with my loving Savior and feeling complete trust and love for Him and being fully aware of His great love for me.  Perfect peace . . . become like a child as He has urged us to do.  He wants to hold my hand.  He doesn’t want me to “get it” and then dismiss me and leave so that He can get to other things on the agenda.  That is more our way of looking at things.  He wants to take me by the hand . . . what an amazing feeling that has brought over me.  What a way to begin the day, the new week, and the new challenges and opportunities . . . hand in hand with my Lord and best friend, Jesus!

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  1. Martha this is such a great insight that I’m going to share it on my Facebook page and repost it if you don’t mind. I want everyone I know to read this beautiful word picture of holding God’s hand. It gave me the same amazing feeling of peace and security and rest and oh so many things that I just can’t express. Thank you for sharing this!


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