Coincidence? Setting the Record Straight!!!

Okay, I’ve given lots of testimony to the answered prayers I’ve experienced of late.  I do so because I want to share the truth and because the truth is found in the Lord and because in relationship with Him, we find life and His blessings and grace ARE AMAZING and clearly  NOT TO BE MISSED.

Oddly enough, good things happening in my life seem to get some others upset.  Declaring that He answers prayer is a huge one.  Seems many folks are certain that praying is equal to spitting in the wind and that the so-called answers are mere coincidence.  So for starters we’ll look at that word:


a striking occurrence of two or more events at one time apparently by mere chance: Our meeting in Venice was pure coincidence.

Now prayer is my dialog with the Lord.  We have conversations.  One reader recently seemed to think I belonged in a locked room because anyone “hearing voices” was clearly unstable.  I pray that his heart will be opened.  Anyway, getting back to the topic at hand.  When I pray and get quiet and listen, the Lord speaks to me.  He answers.  He doesn’t always just give me what I want like a good girl sitting on Santa’s knee.  He is real and Santa is not.  Jesus loves me and wants what is best for me.  He does answer though and one way or the other, His answer comes quickly.  I don’t always realize it at the time and sometimes I only realize when looking back at a situation long after it’s happened.  However, comparing the definition of coincidence to prayer and resolutions, healing, and blessings which flow in abundance . . . I need to set the record straight.  Surely you can see no similarity to the two concepts?


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  1. Isn’t it a shame that we can’t be genuinely happy for one another?


  2. John Ettling says:

    And here’s a reply for you, Martha. In my last post, I also mentioned hearing God speaking to me. Got an e-mail from you encouraging comments. In the post I had just written – in Open Salon for those who don’t know me – I was writing about thunderstorms, as one was happening outside my window. God told me when to finish that post with a big lightning bolt not far from where I’m sitting, judging by the short time between the flicker of my computer screen and the boom of the thunder. John Ettling aka PleasantCount


    • Hey, John. Yes, in this blog world which is delightfully global, commenting is a great thing! I’ve made many new friends through comments here. I hear many folks through blogs and elsewhere who insist that the Lord doesn’t speak to us and who aren’t entirely “sold” on His existance. I pray for them. Those so-called “coincidences” happen with amazing frequency when you are in a personal relationship with Him. If you are one who hasn’t yet heard Him, just ask Him to speak up. He will.


  3. Barbee says:

    I don’t see any similarities, Martha. You are right on in your analysis.
    I pray throughout the day, having conversations with the Lord, just as you do.
    There are times I “hear” a reply…or sometimes I just know by a wonderful feeling of the Holy Spirit.
    Or there are times I thank Him, just for giving me such a sense of peace in this crazy world!
    We must seek the Lord first, and for those who don’t believe in the power of prayer, I challenge them to try it out…our Lord just may change their mind!
    God bless…


    • Yes! Thank you! You connected directly with how I feel and the sense of “knowing” and He just amazes me! I don’t know the big picture of what’s going on in this almost 4 years of “life change” I am on and I could make myself sick when I realize income is so needed, yet the work He has for me is new and is a huge blessing and when I listen to the doubts the evil one places in me that say “you’re having too much fun, you should be sensible” it gets me scared and sad, but then I pray and the Lord reveals Himself to me in VERY CLEAR ways. I agree – and I as well challenge those who do not believe He speaks to us to open their hearts and listen. He will amaze them and He already lives within them like a great gift as yet unopened! He speaks in so many ways, yes. I hear Him sometimes like a human voice, but other times a “word” or thought that won’t go away, a feeling of peace, a sign that comes after a prayer which I simply know is of Him. His Holy Spirit is just so powerful . . . . in some ways my life is so far from anything it’s ever been in that I don’t know what the path ahead will lead me through, but He will be there and when I fail and cry out to Him, He holds me close and speaks peace into my heart and soul as none other ever could.


  4. Aya's Life says:

    I recently received a similar comment on a post I made (post & comment not in wordpress). Unfortunately, there was a technical glitch which did not allow me to reply to the sender. But it is sad to realize that there are people who limit life’s amazing (and everyday) miracles to simple science and chance.


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