Points To Ponder

I can recall as a kid picking up the small local paper and seeing a column called “points to ponder” which, to my young eyes, was a list of boring random statements.  I was already a writer then with dreams of being read by folks the world over.  In the wisdom of a young girl, a list of vague disconnected items was what I saw.  I thought what was in my mind was far more profound.  Sounds funny to me now. lol

Truth?  To some degree anyway, what is powerful to each one of us is unique to us and to our situation.  Take this week.  I’ve had a rotten week.  Not sure anyone who saw me would know this.  Maybe the one or two who caught me in a moment of having crumbled.  If I explained, you’d probably think “THAT got you down?”  We are a walking repository of our life experiences.  Unique.  Sometimes it’s simply difficult to smile.  What to do?  In the last day or two, after a week of “please, let this day be better” and finding it wanting, I decided on a change of focus.  In the last 24 hours these things helped me:

  • Smiling makes me feel better no matter what.
  • Smiling reflects Christ in my heart and with Him I’ll be okay anyway.
  • Repeating “You are my refuge” again and again until I believe it  . . . is good.
  • Mary, mother of Jesus, willingly walked into a hornet’s nest when she said “yes” to being His mother.

I just read: Luke 2:19 But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.

Putting things into our own visual calendar, Mary would be a young girl engaged to be married and very pregnant just now.  There were no doubt a whole lot of big things being pondered in her heart and who could she turn to?  We tend to run to a family member, a friend, a priest . . .  blog it, Tweet it, post it on our Facebook Timeline . .  . go out for a beer and chat with a total stranger . . .

If Mary were here now dealing with her challenges, would she do these things?  No beer . . . she was a good girl and too young.  Would the challenges coming about in her life cause us to turn on her?  Would she be on the front page of those scandal sheets near the grocery checkout?  Doubtful as she was a simple girl.  Would, given her age, she still be a student in school?  If so, would they consider kicking her out of school because she was clearly pregnant?  If she explained what was going on in her, would that help?

My life, your life, and the lives of future generations has changed in ways that are beyond our comprehension because of her willingness to walk into a hornet’s nest of “you want me to do what?” She pondered, trusted, and look where it got us!

That being said, I am still tired and still hoping the next week, next day, next hour . . . are lighter than the past week, but I know all will be well.  He is my refuge.  In fact, I just smiled without even trying.  Need a little help finding your smile?  Here are a few of images to help you.  He loves us THIS much!


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  1. Aya's Life says:

    May you find comfort in His arms.


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