I have been thinking about His hands and…

Martha L Shaw:

I have been thinking about His hands and what a difference it makes when they are holding my own. I’m not letting go!

Originally posted on Just My Poems Plus My Heart:


Like the wind whispering
Your hands reach out
Your words touch my heart
As you speak, I’ll stand by your side
Forever as you walk
I am the whisper like the wind
Deep in your soul
I guide you and reach for you
Take my hand I won’t let go.

Like a whisper I hear your voice
So soft and low deep in my heart
Take my hand I’m here with you
So soft your words
I stand still and hear the low voice

As you speak deep within
Your love has never left me
I walked and you were there
I cried and you held me
Take my hand dear child of mine
Let me hold you forever now
Nothing will keep you bound.

Written By BettyBolden
Jesus Is My Joy Ministries
  Listen and Be Blessed.
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