Much of my life right now is outside of the lifelong comfort zone or “box” and stepping out was the best thing for me as a writer and Christian. Read this, and give it some thought.

Writing Sisters

Write what you know.  I’ve heard that advice all my life. But is it good advice?

What I know is my box, my comfort zone. The people that I am comfortable with are usually people like me.  My comfort zone is where I live, where I worship, my own neighborhood grocery store where I know what’s on every aisle.

When I expand my circle of friends, I expand my thinking and see myself differently.  When I travel to different places, I deepen my understanding of where I live.  And when I open myself up to conversations about faith with people who bring different ideas, I gain a clearer understanding of my own belief in Jesus.  Getting outside of my world helps to give me perspective.  Getting outside the box helps me clarify what I know and helps me to be a better writer.

“Without two eyes – binocular vision –…

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  1. When I am writing I want and love to write about what I observe in my environment, what mostly appeals on my heart and touch lives…


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