Selective Listening

Yesterday, Sunday, was amazing for me.  It was non-stop grace and love of my Jesus to me all day and evening long.  Oh, how I have longed for a day like that and how life-giving it was.  Today is Monday and the day began with the “this world” issues that are always there and which have been OVER THE TOP nasty of late.  When I read the following quote, I initially groaned because the negativity from some close to me is loud and constant so how am I to listen. . . to learn. . . to be changed in the midst of that?  Selective listening!  There are beautiful things to be heard!

Sometimes, my focus is challenged by noise of the other sort, but it’s out there – the grace – and if I focus intently and listen with the ears of my heart, regardless of what the world throws at me, I can still grow, still change, still reflect Jesus Christ.  That’s my plan.  It won’t always be as easy as it was yesterday, but I can do this.  He is with me in it all!

When you listen, it’s amazing what you can learn. When you act on what you’ve learned, it’s amazing what you can change. – Audrey McLaughlin –


2 Responses to Selective Listening

  1. I just finished reading Everyday a Friday by Joel Osteen. He suggests when we hear things we don’t want to hear or think thoughts that aren’t productive that we change channels in our mind just as we would the radio if a song came on we didn’t like. Choose to listen to the good. It will make all the difference. 🙂


    • I haven’t read that, but will check him out. Since those around me aren’t likely to change, it will have to be selective listening. Jesus has a plan for me and I’m not willing to turn Him down! Thanks!


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