9/11 A Day To Change The World

Most of us are thinking many things today as we remember what happened not so very long ago on this day.  I am at this moment preparing to teach a one-hour creative writing class for 4-7 year olds.  I’m sure they’ve been hearing things which are scary to them.  Those things we’re hearing scared us,  and we are a lot more able to understand such things than the wee ones . . . yet in this case it is hard to comprehend.  It is harder still to be unafraid, to be without anger . . . but in my heart I can’t help but think that if the tragedy that happened doesn’t make us try harder to care about all around us, then surely those many many folks will have died in vain.  So, what I plan to teach my wee ones today to how to change the world.  They will be asked to tell a story of doing kindness one for another.  If each one of us focuses on doing something extra and positive to impact the life of just one other living soul in this world, do you realize how huge an impact it will make?  Do it.  Change the world.  We can – just one heart at a time!

4 Responses to 9/11 A Day To Change The World

  1. granbee says:

    Yes, Martha, we CAN change the world, one heart at a time! REACH OUT IN LOVE!


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Habits of Jesus’ love begin early. Teaching children to speak loving words, and do caring acts, is a most divine act, Martha–God bless you.


    • Thanks, Caddy. It is public school so it’s tricky to express things, but it works. So much Christianity here the children speak of Him themselves even though I can’t bring Him up. I can say “doing good” and they know “doing Jesus’ will” is what that means. Love it. Their assignment before our next meeting was to do a helpful/nice thing for someone even though they don’t HAVE to. They have to tell me about it next week.


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