Can That Which Is Finite Have Reverence?


Read the following quote:Abundance is a fact of nature. It is a fundamental law of nature, that there is enough and it is finite. Its finiteness is no threat; it creates a more accurate relationship that commands respect, reverence, and managing those resources with the knowledge that they are precious and in ways that do the most good for the most people.” – Lynne Twist –

I appreciate the intent expressed in the words of Ms Twist, but I believe she has actually expressed the very reason why we see a growing lack of abundance in our natural world rather than a respect for it with an inbred tendency to value it and work toward the increase of our finite worldly resources.  We do, I believe, crave abundance but most of us in our secret hearts feel a sense of entitlement.  Our worldly or natural resources are finite and as such do run out.  The sun does continue to rise and set yet our trees, ocean life, wildlife of various sorts and more do become extinct.  Their finiteness was and is real, was not reverenced, thus extinction becomes a reality in the nature of this world every single day.  What is reverence?  Can the finite be protected from extinction?  Is there, in fact, any possibly link between the two?

Reverence has been defined as an outward manifestation of a feeling of awe.  For me, the feeling of awe I experience in nature is one of feeling the grace and love of the hand which created all that naturally surrounds me and not quite a sense of reverence in the flora and fauna itself.  That being said, the abundance suggested in the quote is overstated and instills in us a need to possess.  Nature in its own sphere has an innate ability to regenerate itself, but once removed from that place, becomes threatened by extinction caused by the very reverence the quote suggests.  True reverence, I believe, gives life rather than taking it away.   I believe the fundamental law of nature which most directly impacts us is our own free will and the decisions we make determine what is enough or what we cause to “run out.”

That being said, I believe the finite in this world is a gift to us by an infinite divine and loving God.  I believe true reverence in Him and in His gifts to us and the nature of His giving is the only truly effective means of living the life we were born for, having the resources we need to do so, and doing the most good for the most people. In the many world religions I’ve studied, the common thread among them whether eastern or western religions and whether the focus is on one divine being or many . . . all of these which I’ve read and studied DID believe in the divine.  When we love the giver, we truly do appreciate the gift and the spirit in which it was given and in doing so we have a true abundance!  In looking to the heart and not the gifts . . . or the resources, it is that relationship which truly effects the change needed in our own lives and the lives of others.  When we take on the heart of the Giver, there is no distinction between finite and infinite . . . for our focus changing from acquisition to the common good. 

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