My Cross – My Answered Prayer


I woke up feeling sad the other day.  Much of my life feels and truly is better than it has ever been, but there are one or two challenges which weigh me down no matter how I try to surrender them . . . since I keep picking them back up.  So, I was laying in bed praying for stronger faith and praying for the ability to feel the peace of Christ which I know lives deep within me.  My eyes were closed.  It was early in the morning and still dark out.  As I felt peace in my soul and my body, I opened my eyes and as I simply gazed up at the bedroom ceiling, there before my eyes was a cross.  What I saw was a simple shape formed from what clearly were two pieces of rough wood.  I closed my eyes and opened them again wondering how this could be?  My ceiling is simply white and the sun wasn’t up yet.  I hadn’t turned on any lights.  There was nothing reflecting light in my eyes and causing a shadow or any kind.  I looked around the room wondering how this vision could appear this way.  Then I realized it could only do so because the Lord caused it.  It was the answer to my prayer.  It was clearly a reminded I could see as well as feel of His love.  I got up and faced the day.

Last night I had trouble getting to sleep.  My human weakness seems to loom large in my mind and sleep wouldn’t come.  So, I was in my bed trying not to “think” and trying to focus on my prayers and trying to think of something or someone aside from myself.  I was distracted by worry.  I closed my eyes and seeked Him . . . I couldn’t hear His voice.  I opened my eyes and there once again was the exact same vision of a cross before my eyes.  EXACTLY THE SAME even though the light conditions were different, my position was different.  No way to explain it away in a logical human way.  He was with me and He did answer my prayer once again.  His love was and is the only answer needed. 



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