Two Quotes For Friday – Dance With Me!

Not in the mood to dance? I came across this quote and I love it!  If you are a visual thinker, it’ll paint a lovely image which will set your feet to tapping and light up your world!  If you are at all like me, times are tough and peace has perhaps been fleeting at times and joy is even more difficult to find.  Yet, when we focus on the Lord we know that regardless of our circumstances He is our protector, lover, source of joy and peace.

C H Spurgeon, a preacher from the 19th century was speaking about joy and is quoted as saying “joy is peace dancing!” A special preacher in my life said something to me easily 4 years ago which I’ve never lost sight of and it relates to the quote here.  Fr Rick said “let your soul dance!”  Rick is a great preacher and a blessing in my life though this may or may not have been his own original quote, just think about it and the first quote from Spurgeon.  Are you smiling?  I am.   

If we focus on the Lord, our souls can indeed dance!  Peace and joy can be ours.  When our focus is off Him, our supply runs out quickly.  Dance with me, won’t you?


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  1. jesusmyjoy says:

    always thinking of you


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