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My Soul Dances Devotionals


Read:    John 17:20-22


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY:  Psalm 106:12  “Then they believed his promises and sang his praise.”


“I don’t believe in anything,” he said.  Wow. Think about it. How must life be for the individual who spoke those words to me a while back. I am thinking of it now because I realize I am nothing if I don’t have Christ in me and the Holy Spirit to guard and guide me . . . yet he did say that to me. He was polite. He was direct. He peppered me with questions to defend my faith, he accepted my responses and questioned me further, yet his belief in nothing remained.  He didn’t hear me with the ears of his heart. I can’t call him angry, nor can I call him joyful. I think to have passion you must believe in something even if…

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