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  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Oh, Now Yours is WAY EXCELLENT!! I love simple “Recipes”!! A million thanks, again, for helping with that dang-blasted button issue–today I’m a tad less tech-dweebish than yesterday–PTL!! (I probably shouldn’t ask, but do you do all the rest of the gig–putting your “Mr Linky” thing over at Cate’s blog??? I’m not going to try to manage that today, or I’ll be late for church–good excuse, eh?)


    • Oh, dear. I’m not sure what putting “Mr Linky” over at Cate’s blog means. lol I’ll pop over to her blog and check it out. I got all this from YOUR blog, not hers. lol


      • Caddo Veil says:

        “Oh dear” is right! Martha, I’m howling with laughter over here, and can hardly get back to church!! Think maybe we could both just skip that part???? Please!


      • Okay, sis. I get it and I’m gonna try and be very clear on the steps. The box with the Mr Linky signup makes it easy for you to link your blog or your specific 6 word Saturday post to her blog so anyone who visits her post can choose to visit you. You go to thet box where you are asked to type your name (yup, that;’s it) and in the next space you type the URL or link to your blog (home page or the specific post) You don’t have to type every little letter and character if you don’t want to. Go to the web address at the top of your computer. You will see your blog address. With your mouse pointer on those letters, click once using your right mouse button. A box will open. Move your mouse to “copy” and click it. On her blog in the space for your link right mouse click and then click on “paste”

        Okay, if you are confused I will add: Do you know how to have two “windows” opon online at the same time? If you do then have your blog open in one window/tab and her blog open in another one. To do this, look at the part of your screen up at the top where it looks life the tab from a file folder (sort of) and had your blog name in it. There should be a little piece of another tab next to it. If you click on the little thing there, another window will open. You can type another internet address in that new one and just pop back and fourth like two file folders. If you need clearer details just ask me.


  2. those are some really great “R” words with powerful meanings behind them I like them all *,*


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