When you have nothing to say, it does not matter how many syllables you use.

4 Responses to Shhh!

  1. Okay, so what inspired this? I am reading a book that someone special recommended and thus far it’s a bunch of big fancy ‘WHO EVER HEARD OF IT’ words which once defined simply state obvious and commonly known concepts. Why’s this guy selling reprints and millions of copies ??? He’s using psychology and messin’ with people’s heads and has nothing to say!!!!!


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Ain’t that the truth!!


    • I made it through 20 pages plus preface of this supposedly “amazing” book on inner healing and it took me 3 separate attempts to do so. Today, my effort left me in such a state of . . . hard to define it. Darkness . . . I went from this to that to the other to try and break free, but when I prayed a quote from Joyce Meyer which said something to the effect of “Lord give me the words I need” all the darkness came out in a poem and I hate to say it, but those who read dark writings would call it good. All I can say is that I feel SOOOO much better now. Hope, peace, love, and dreams of something more are returning to their rightful places . . . .


      • Caddo Veil says:

        Yeah, “Mama” Joyce is very helpful in that regard–she cuts right through the bull swagger. Another good one to read is Joseph Prince–he preaches/teaches “radical grace”, and it’s been like golden honey to me, truly!!


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