Art meets spirituality and you are the artist.

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We are all born free, open, and creative.  We know no limits.   We test, we try, we fall, we bounce up again, we repeat the cycle and try again.  We don’t know thoughts of “I can’t” or “if only I were good at.”  We believe . . . and then we grow older and “wiser” and suddenly that inner glow, that freedom of spirit, that faith . . . where is it?

Here’s a challenge to you – find that inner child.  Get some simple pencils, or crayons and some drawing paper.  Sit down at a table and play!  Put the crayon or pencil to the paper and make your mark.  Just let it flow from you to the page.  Don’t worry about what it looks like, whether it’s good enough, or whether anyone will like it.  Just play.  Then, take the results, put a mat and frame…

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