Today’s devotional on My Soul Dances!

My Soul Dances Devotionals

Read:  Isaiah 41:11-12

Thought For The Day:   “Their confidence hangs by a thread. They are leaning on a spider’s web.”  Job 8:14

It’s Monday and we’ve been refreshed by Sabbath and are now in a new week and facing new challenges and opportunities.  The news does not inspire confidence in me.  Television, radio, newspapers, social media . . . I had to block one person from posting on one of my “walls” because the constant postings of SCREAMINGLY negative messages LITERALLY A DOZEN IN A 15 MINUTE TIME FRAME were more than I could take.

Many times in life I have been full of self-confidence and assurance that I had it all together.  Funny, as I look back at that time I realize that life looked pretty . . . enough of this and plenty of that, yet the things I put my faith in were simply…

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