It’s Been A Psalm 66 Sort of Day

It’s been a “jesus HELP ME” sort of day, so it comes as no surprise that as I sit here trying to breathe at a normal pace and working at not letting fear completely undo me, a friend popped off an email with reference to Psalm 66 and thought to post it in the email so I needed to do nothing but read it there.  This part leaped off the page, but I encourage you to read the whole Psalm:

You let people ride over our heads;
    we went through fire and water,
    but you brought us to a place of abundance.

Thanks Annette!

Edited to add:  someone besides me really needed  to see this.  I do not know who, but I know it is true.  For no reason at all it took 4 times to get this posted for y’all.


7 Responses to It’s Been A Psalm 66 Sort of Day

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Thanks, Martha–I love your perseverance, good and faithful servant! God bless you. love, sis Caddy


    • Thanks, Sis. Wasn’t true at the auto place when I was fighting tears over how barely enough was gonna cover potentially vast repair bill and knowing anything was too much . . . it totally took up my day as everyone was in car trouble. Sat down to the computer at 4pm while my contribution to the church potluck baked and found her email with the entire psalm in the email so I had to stop and read it. I was at that point eating ice cream and letting go of my fear and when I read this verse, I knew that was why she was led to send it . . .


  2. robind333 says:

    Martha it seems life can be so overwhelming for us at times. But God tells us he never leaves us. Psalm 66 is a wonderfully powerful song of praise that we all need to sing daily…thank you so much for sharing and I hope all is well with your car. Many, many blessings to you…Robin


    • Thanks, the car situation was not as bad as it could have been, but I’ve been without a job and seeking for a long time and am running out of ways to be creative, so any bill coming in the mail is scary and this unexpected and serious issue especially so. The Lord has a plan though and this Psalm coming my way was like a loving and reassuring hug from Him to me even thought it is written as praise from us to Him. His love never fails! I sense a new season coming . . .


  3. I guess you won’t be surprised when I tell you I loved the entire chapter but the same verse was the one I so needed to hear!! 🙂 We are like soul sisters.


    • We are soul sisters for certain and the dreadful challenges we are facing like my near tragedy with the car today are more than offset by the amazing love and grace . . . He gave this to you for both of us! I had no doubt at all that this verse was “it” for sure. I saw His face and felt His arms around me! A new season is coming, I need to toughen up!


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