Broken Chains – A Poem


Yesterday has gone.

The fragments of disappointment and despair

Lay on the ground like autumn leaves

And the winds of hope have come

To scatter them away.

They are weightless,

Empty remnants of what was

And what may, perhaps,

Never have been.

I look on with wonder

And anticipation

to the dawn of a new day.


The sun has risen!

It is a time of rejoicing!

I sing,

I dance,

I listen,

I watch.


I walk the path before me.

Its sun warms me,

Its shade refreshes me,

Your hand holds mine,

Lovingly leading me.

Your whispers at once

Quiet me and set me free

As I slip out of the broken chains

And discover what it means

To soar!

By Martha L Shaw – Copyright 10-1-2012


4 Responses to Broken Chains – A Poem

  1. dogear6 says:

    Very uplifting! I liked how it moved my emotions up and down, ending on a high point.


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