My latest crafty post! No talent you say? No excuse, this is totally simple!

Quilting, FiberArt & Painting

This small purse is my own original design and a simple one you could knit or crochet yourself with wool yarn and then felt it to the finished texture you desire.  In my example, I crocheted it in sc and used a large hook.  I then placed in hot water in my washing machine with a small amount of dish detergent and an old pair of jeans.  The thrashing about with a heavy item is as much a part of the process of felting it as the heat.  The dish detergent has a helpful effect.

This post is less about the technique as the simple ways to add style or change something from old to new.  This could have been just  grey wool purse but by adding the funky button to it, it has a pop that would have been missing otherwise.  Buttons are a simple and inexpensive accent.  Many…

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