Wasted Talent

We have all been created with uniqueness and talent and gifts from God.  Some say “I have no talent” but perhaps they seek to be a famous painter when God wished them to sing?  To be a great paino player when God blessed them with talent to tend a garden and bring beauty and good food into being?  Think about it.

It takes no more effort to be positive and express joy then it does to be negative and complain . . . it is no different from looking to the left or to the right and yet . . . it makes ALL the difference!


6 Responses to Wasted Talent

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    The sad truth is that it DOES take effort to be positive–if negativity was the environment you grew up in, or has become a habit. I’ve had to learn “positive”–and unfortunately, there are brief “sometimes” when I’m stressed/tired/hurting, and I get in a negative whirlwind. Maybe I’m the odd one, but “positive” isn’t always effortless for me.


    • I am caregiver to someone so negative that if I say “beautiful blue sky” she’s get angry at me and complain of it, etc., and it brings me down and is sadly such a habit with her that it is an automatic response to all things. I do not always find it easy to be positive for the same reasons you do. Life is a challenge and I’m praying for a new season knowing it too will be challenging, but thankfully I am seeing the “habit” in Mom and realizing I cannot change her, but can change me. It’s funny because awareness truly does help. I am trying to make it a choice and to not simply react . . . each day I must remind myself . . . but it does get easier. They say habits take time to set in and old habits take time to break. We’ll get there Sis!


  2. It takes lots of effort to appear to be positive today; dealing with a persistent affliction. Also grumbling vents the steam, releasing some pressure. Sometimes that’s necessary. Good thought though, Martha. 🙂


    • Problem with venting is drawing the line between letting out steam or becoming a volcano. If I force myself (see response to Caddo) to stop and think before reacting, I can act positive. I am finding if I “act” as I know I should, my heart and mind follow me . . . sometimes. Was a time I was asked “name one good thing that happened today.” My answer was “nothing.” These days there’s a lot more tough stuff including my eye disease which I’ve been treated for these nearly 5 years . . . I was afraid I’d lose my sight and still fight that fear . . . yet I can find find something “good” when asked now and couldn’t then even in an easier life . . . each day is a new lesson I learn . . . blessings, Sis.


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