Christmas Is Not Until December!!!

Okay, so tell  me something.  Does it even remotely annoy anyone else to hear Christmas music in mid October?  Does anyone else think that to play it this early has NOTHING to do with giving GLORY TO THE KING OF KINGS?

I’m talking about CHRISTmas here, you see.  Not the ho ho ho thing which is fun for kids but NOT related to CHRISTmas at all.  Sorry, peeps I’m finding that Jesus is being cut out of the picture, so to speak, way AND I DO MEAN WAY too often!

So, is it:

Or is it even:











Because it’s sure not yet:


3 Responses to Christmas Is Not Until December!!!

  1. Joan says:

    I like to think that we could celebrate Christmas, the birth of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, every day of the year. After all He is with us every day of the year !


    • I totally agree with you. I do, though, wish it were about Him and not so clearly about padding wallets. Sad. Thanks for your comment! Totally appreciate it. I’ve been in too many circles lately which were supposed to be about Him but where He wasn’t welcomed . . .


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    I mostly stay out of stores, to avoid the irritation. I must say, however, that I’m enjoying the animated version of “A Christmas Carol” already–I see it as a bit more spiritual, and it’s getting me “in the mood”. The closing song is beautiful too, if sort of sad. But I know that as soon as the dang commercials for “Shopping” start up, they’ll get on my last nerve fast!


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