Martha’s Seven Word Sunday

Okay, I know it’s not Sunday but I’ve been busy and fallen behind on my reading so I just discovered Caddo’s New Treat called “Caddo’s Seven Word Sundays” and I couldn’t wait to play along.  Click the link and read up on her inspiring idea and snag a copy of the button.  Please link it to her blog so others can realize how wonderful she is.   Dear Sis Caddo has a delightful blog.  If you’ve not discovered her poetry and her heart-felt writing, do click here and visit often.




lay aside earthly things

and rejoice!

©Martha Shaw, October 2012



4 Responses to Martha’s Seven Word Sunday

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Oh Martha–I just want to cry! You said such nice things, thank you! A few minutes ago I read the email/comment about buttons/badges, learning this and that, and our penchant for having these discussions when we’re both bleary-eyed, delirious or both–and you cracked me up so bad! As you can probably deduce, I consulted Cee (of Share Your World fame) and asked for her help in designing a badge/banner/what’s it. She’s a pro at media design art, and has the special software, so she just took the photo I wanted to use–and my title/text–and voila, I have the cool b/b/b/what’s it. So I’m thrilled, and it’s a load off my mind. As you mentioned, I have the Paint program, plus something similar in my Word package–but shoot, Martha, my creative talent is limited to words only. I can’t draw to save my life–and I realized that I can’t really even “visualize” a design. So, thank the Lord–we have generous folks in our community who are willing to do us a favor!! I offered to pay her, but she said no. Anyhoo–you gave me a good laugh tonight, and maybe we can discuss what it was you were talking about when we both have a modicum of sanity and energy!

    I’m so sorry the vision issue is deviling you–will send up more fervent prayers this evening. Thanks so much for your generous comments and support of my new 7 Word Sundays–this was something I really wanted to do, and it has blessed me already!! Okay, I just noticed I’ve written a novelette here, so I’m signing off with a HUG–night-y night, Sis–love, sis Caddo


    • My eyes are done for the night so I’ll reread this later. I need work/income IMMEDIATELY so the eye issue (now almost 5 years . . . ) becomes super critical. Provision prayers GREATLY appreciated and discernment prayrs. I KNOW God has a plan and I want to do His will . . . I hunger to serve HIm. Thanks so much for your prayers, love, and friendship.

      Hugs, Martha


  2. David Ramos says:

    Gosh I love how simple that is.


    • Thank you. I really appreciate that. I, for one, need to work at maintaining the emphasis NOT on my own doing which does not satisfy but instead to enter fully into Him – always AMAZING.


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