Where Is Jesus Christ In His Church?

It seems we have always got some “church” or another in the news and some scandal to deal with.  It matters not which denomination, it could  as easily be any one of them.  As I read the following quote, it caused my heart to hurt for as I view it we or I have often found Jesus hard to locate in the church.   I belong to a parish now where this is so NOT the case and where the congregation celebrates His love and theirs for Him, but others I’ve belonged to . . . didn’t see it.

Let’s get the focus back to its center, JESUS.  He is there and He loves us.  If we but love and listen and follow, that seed will bloom in hearts and reseed and spread.  It all begins with one seed planted in one heart . . .

Find a seed at the bottom of your heart and bring forth a flower. – Shigenori Kameoka –


2 Responses to Where Is Jesus Christ In His Church?

  1. Words of wisdom, Martha!


    • Thank you! There is just so much disturbance lately and the church is not a building or an organization . . . in a powerful sense it is you and me . . . all of us. Things fall apart when we don’t focus on that truth and on Him . . .


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