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This post spoke to my heart and my personal life situation ON SO MANY LEVELS and I am certain that He meant for it to do so. I believe there are others for whom it will bless and so I share it with you. I’m so glad you’re here, Sis and that He encouraged you to share this for me. Literally every word connected with my CURRENT life challenge. Love and Hugs, Sis.

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Hello everyone! Fogive me for being away so long. It’s been a crazy few months-family, relationship, etc.  It’s been a REAL Faith-walk, on the water.  Inside, deep down in my spirit, I knew that the LORD had something specific in mind for me, as HE has for all of us. (And I still don’t have the full picture yet. But as I said to a friend, “If you had all the pieces to the puzzle, who would you be?” So, I am learning, more deeply, “HE is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path.” HE only allows us to see “just enough”, yet by FAITH, we keep going, not knowing what’s ahead of us. It’s all about TURST. Do I trust HIM? Yes, more and more. And some days the trusting is not that great, but I trust anyway) :)

{Why am I talking about this, and why now??? Only OUR FATHER knows for sure. I’m…

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  1. *TEARS* You have no idea what your comment means to me. I’m so happy it ministered to you. I’m happy you’re here, too :D (((BIG HUG)))



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