All Things New – An Acrostic

All around me is turmoil, yet . . .

Light still streams through the window in my room

Light still shines through the window in my heart

There is fog,

However He still shines through it

In my soul.

Nothing can take His love from me.

God’s promises are real.

So, I tremble then find strength to push on.

No, my own strength is not enough.

Everything in me relies on Him.

With Him is the victory, watch for it!  It’s coming!!!

By Martha L Shaw – Copyright 10-24-12


4 Responses to All Things New – An Acrostic

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    This is great–you know I love acrostics!


  2. I seldom “restrain” myself in my poetry writing to a form, but with Jesus we never say never and so acrostics and tanka poems caught my eye as a fun thing to try and WOW ARE THEY A FUN THING and sure enough following “rules” is NOT a bad thing, sis! Thanks!


  3. He will always be your sanctuary…and the pure love that will always sustain you!


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