Splash! A Poem About The Church

A tiny drop of water

Swallowed up in a mighty ocean,

Lost in the vastness . . .

Visible or invisible?



Then the tide began to turn.

As the sun shined brightly,

The push was on!

Slow yet steady at first,

Then faster and faster,

Higher and higher,

Momentum growing!

As the wave grew to seemingly impossible heights

Suddenly droplets gleamed

Like countless tiny diamonds

then came to rest in the sand

With a splendid sparkling crash!


Just a simple drop.

Ah, but joined together,

As a body of water . . .


By Martha L Shaw – Copyright 10-25-2012

4 Responses to Splash! A Poem About The Church

  1. Amazing poem and image!


  2. If you have ever been whitewater kayaking, or surfing in the ocean, the power and wonder of God in nature is very evident. Thanks for the beautiful thought.


    • I have only experienced those things as an admirer from the shore, but I know you’ve seen them from the center of the action! He is amazing, isn’t He? You’re welcome Trisha and thanks for the comment and for popping by the blog!


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