“Come As You Are”


I quietly entered the room,

Knowing you’d be there.

You invited me to sit . . .

To be comfortable,

And I sat down on the wooden bench

In the back,

Near the door . . .

“No,” you said.

“Come sit here”

And you invited me to the table

In the most beautiful, sacred space

Reserved for those you want

To be close to . . .

“Wow,” I thought

And hesitated,

But you asked again

And were so welcoming.

It was lit by candle light,

And refreshment was served

From the finest vessels . . .

And set with the best linen.

I sat at the table,

Feeling at once in awe

And special.

You smiled lovingly and said

“you are special, my dear one.”

I gave you my heart.

You filled mine

With your eternal love.


By Martha L Shaw – copyright  11-5-2012

6 Responses to “Come As You Are”

  1. Terra says:

    This is so beautiful and inviting. Thank you Martha! God bless you!


    • Oh, thanks for your encouraging words! I was feeling low and went to my church, knowing the office staff would be there and that I’d be able to go into the empty church and pray . . . my experience with Him inspired both this poem and the last one I posted. Blessings to you too Sister!


  2. Beautifully written. I couldn’t help but think of Nirvana’s song with the same title when I first saw this poem’s title. Nothing alike though 😛 Thanks for sharing.


  3. Caddo Veil says:

    Wonderful, Sis!! God bless you today–love, sis Caddy


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