God Thinks I’m Beautiful, Will That Hold Up In Court?

So . . . a television news program just told of a proud new daddy who video taped his wife throughout her pregnancy and completed the video with a closeup of his new child.  It was a touching video showing a father’s love.

They followed this story with one of a man who took one look at his newborn daughter, and grew so angry, he filed suit against his wife for having an UGLY child.  He, it seems, got even more angry that her appearance as he knew it was not natural.  It seems she’d had plastic surgery before meeting him in order to improve her looks.  He  took her to court and was awarded a six figure settlement, the story reported, which his wife must pay in retribution for giving birth to such an UGLY BABY.

Guys, I’m not pretty either.  I’ve never been pretty.  I’ve been reminded of it daily through my entire life.  Now, I say this solely because I’ve been told so.  “Hey ugly” is a phrase I’m very familiar with.  Do you know what? Neither my identity nor anyone else’s is defined by society.  I’m a Christian and a much-loved child of the King of Kings.  God created me exactly as I truly am.  He knows me as His beautiful child.  He doesn’t make mistakes.  I’m not a reject, this new baby isn’t, and none of you are either.  It is high time we looked for what’s real and stopped being thrown off course by society’s blindness!  You want to change the world?  Try taking a good look at it!   There’s beauty out there that some people have never and may never see!  Take a leap of faith and see it for yourself!

3 Responses to God Thinks I’m Beautiful, Will That Hold Up In Court?

  1. This happened in another part of the world, but does that matter? These judgments are made all around us every day. Everybody wants a change made in our city, in our churches, in our state, or country, but until the change is in our hearts . . . . the body of Christ is global.


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    As a woman who used to be quite beautiful by cultural standards, but has lost all of that to aging, etc, it rather intrigues me to compare how I was previously greeted and served, to the obvious change in how I am viewed now. It was probably hurtful initially, but now I’m somewhat amused at the world’s superficiality. The exterior polish has completely worn off, but the interior wealth of my identity in Christ absolutely glows. God bless you Martha–love, sis Caddy


    • Reaction to this is interesting. For the longest while after I posted it here nobody even read it and when I also wrote of it on Facebook a youth minister made a joke of it, someone else initially commented as though it was to be expected in her country (where the child was born) then did amend her comment, thank heavens, another threatened to beat up anyone who picked on me and yet another thought I wrote of it out of “poor pitiful me” when all along it was about the world-society-culture viewing folks in a way that just sickens me, and in this case a newborn in fact and the court awards the father a huge sum of money, to boot! Thanks, sis, for commenting and for adding your own experience to this. Very revealing, isn’t it? Hugs, Me


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