An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

Today I am facing the challenge to write of an answer to the statement posed in the title to this post and within a ten minute period.  NO time to think, just grab hold of the first thought that comes to mind?  Sound hard?  Not really.

You see, the offer I couldn’t refuse?  It was the offer of eternal life!   All I had to do was give myself fully to Jesus Christ, God incarnate who came to earth in human form because He loved me from a time so long before I was conceived.  He suffered a brutal death so that my sins could be forgiven.  All I had to do was love Him with all my heart.  Oh, He has much for us, his followers to do, but anything He can ever ask of me can be summed up in one simple phrase, “Lord, I love you with all my being.”  Why do I love Him so?  Why do I know Him personally?  Why is it impossible to get through a moment without Him?  Because He first loved me!

As we begin the season of Advent in the church, and as we celebrate the birth of a newborn babe who is also the King of Kings, let us recall what life would be without Him.  When those close to me have a new baby, I can just melt looking into those sweet baby eyes . . . I often wonder, as the possibilities for the new babe are endless, what will he or she bring to this world?  When, Mary looked into Jesus’ sweet face, she knew!  As we sing all those happy songs of this season, let us never forget all He suffered so that our joy could be complete in Him!

3 Responses to An Offer I Couldn’t Refuse

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Beautiful, Martha!! Questions: do you set the timer for 10 minutes? And, does the time for proofing/editing count in–or do you skip that, or what?? I’ve considered this challenge previously, but don’t do well under pressure…


    • I assumed it to be the honor system and honestly had the idea in mind the minute I read the first 2 lines of the email, but I glanced at my little “clock” on the bottom of the screen of the laptop when I started on the post and glanced at it as I went along and given the time to search for a bit of clipart – the longest part of the project, I just made it! I believe the idea is to come up with a quick answer and go for the writing. We tend to talk ourselves out of the ideas that pop into our heads, I think, and make a challenge harder for ourselves . . . or I do. Think of it as “fun” rather than stress. Or . . . a great opportunity! I’m glad you liked it!


      • I should add, in school I was the one who always HOPED an exam would be an essay test and not multiple choice or true and false. Hate those but love love LOVE essay tests.


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