A Christmas painting I did.

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This simple painting was done using blendable art pencils and IRL looks like the metal the instrument truly is.  I love drawing and painting and always have paper with me for writing but sometimes bring a sketchbook as well.  Colored pencils, the artist grade, can give some pretty great results in  the finished drawing.

I love decorating my home big time for Christmas and take down some of my other accessories replacing them with Christmas related ones.  I did this painting in my old home in the northeast and it’s cold there this time of year.  It had a 22 foot long closed in porch on the sunny side of the  house and used it as a studio but it was not winterized, so picture me working at my art table with a sweatshirt on and gloves on my hands as I completed this painting.  Not kidding!

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  1. Beautiful…Blessings, Ellen


  2. Very lovely, thanks for sharing!


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