Forgetting the CHRIST in CHRISTmas?

It seems to me not a day goes by without my hearing of someone bemoaning the “religious” aspects of Christmas.


I do not deny having enjoyed stockings hung, red elves and reindeer, and Christmas trees and such.  Presents or gifts are fun.  However, at the heart of the celebration and surely the most intimate and precious part is the birth of Christ.  Yet, it seems a growing number seek to celebrate CHRISTmas with Him.  We all love celebrating and perhaps we don’t all choose to celebrate the same events, so why turn Christmas into Christmas?


So, I did a little checking and with just a few clicks came up with at least 52 “holidays” in the US alone and I’m sure it’s an incomplete number!  I’m not judging.  I’m happy to celebrate Alice’s first lost tooth, and all sorts of other occasions and appreciate how important they all are but CHRISTmas by its very name is about CHRIST.  Let’s never forget that, please!



5 Responses to Forgetting the CHRIST in CHRISTmas?

  1. I completely agree.


  2. Let’s try a simple word study. Christmas: Christ – The Anointed One; mass – Celebration – Christmas therefore is celebrating the Anointed One who is Jesus the Christ. Seems simple to me.


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