Pumpkin Muffins Part 2


Here they are!  I chose a Duncan Hines Spice Case and Publix brand 15 ounce can of Pumpkin and that’s it.  Mixed well, made 12 big muffins, baked for 22 minutes at 350.  Ate one warm . . . spicy but not too much and yummy and moist.  I was told they are also good chilled, topped with powdered sugar, frosted, etc.  Me, loved it just the way it was.  I admit, I might be tempted to add a scoop of cream cheese for breakfast tomorrow.  Yum!!!!


3 Responses to Pumpkin Muffins Part 2

  1. I made the small quilted table topper you see. Love birds especially cardinals!


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Well, now I’m starving again–these sound scrumptious, Martha!!


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