Success At What Price?

I just heard it said that Stephen Foster who wrote the song “Oh, Susanna” was paid all of $100.00 for his work.  The song is part of our history . . . who doesn’t know the song and like it or not successfully hum it . . . maybe right now as you read this?  Gosh, it seemed pitiful to have a man who wrote something generations know by heart to have earned so little.  My instant reaction was that he should surely have been more successful.


Then, I reconsidered.  Know what?   This time the song and its author gave me hope, joy, and encouragement.  We bloggers do not make money directly from our blogs, most of us, but if success is doing what the Lord calls us to do, our work through Him is successful.  Being His servant and saying yes comes with a price, but not $100.00.  The price was Jesus blood shed for us.  Riches of the sort that matter cannot pay my mortgage or inflate my bank account.  They can draw others to Christ if I truly listen and obey.  How do you define success?

7 Responses to Success At What Price?

  1. Perfect Christmas devotional !


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  3. Caddo Veil says:

    I’m with you, Sis–money, while it might be helpful to have more, will never equal success or happiness to me. My treasure, like yours, is in Heaven–piles of riches and success!! God bless you BIG–love, sis Caddy


  4. dogear6 says:

    This happened at work a long time ago. A woman who worked for me (older than me too!) was complaining about how the president of our company made so much money and she didn’t. I reminded her that she was a rich woman in the ways that counted – he was divorced and his whole life was work. She had children and grandchildren who she saw frequently and thought she was the greatest person. I reminded her that money couldn’t buy that and she agreed.



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