When The Light Grew Dim

As I started along the path with you

the light was so bright

and there was a gentle breeze

whisking me along the path

at a gentle skip.

Night came

and the air chilled.

The way grew dark and I couldn’t see you near me,

but I knew you were there still.

As the darkness lingered,

I was less certain . . .

I couldn’t feel your hand in mine

and the sound of your breathing

was lost to the night sounds

from wildlife lurking near.

I thought my heart would stop for sure,

but then the moon began to glow brightly

with the promise of rest

to strengthen me for

a new day.

By Martha L Shaw Copyright 12-17-2012


4 Responses to When The Light Grew Dim

  1. Our journey with the Lord – well done!


  2. Thank you so much! Inspired by a very this world experience though expressed in somewhat of an allegory. He is amazing!


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