Weekly Photo Challenge: Surprise

for meWhat does surprise really mean?  Thinking about it, I know that I’ve enjoyed a “surprise” from when I was very young.  Thinking about it further, I suddenly realized that in some ways the words change and surprise are not all that different.  One merely has come to receive a more  positive response and the other a more negative one, not unlike weeds versus wild flowers.  An odd bit of greenery grew in my yard not long after I moved here.  I nearly sprayed it with weed killer.  I’m glad I didn’t because this beauty surprised me one morning soon after I considered spraying:


Changes . . . surprises . . . weeds . . . wild flowers . . . when we approach life with an open heart, the surprise, the greatest surprise of all, is the joy which erupts from deep within the soul!  This is a season for the celebration of the greatest surprise of all.  The birth of a baby who was also a King.  He came to earth to suffer for our redemption.  Wow, think of being a peasant girl asked to give Him birth!  As your rip the paper and bows from packages this coming week, consider the real surprise and joy the day celebrates!

tree collage

Merry CHRISTmas!

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  5. SimplySage says:

    Beautiful! I think you and I think along the same lines. I’d love to share mine with yours.


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