The First Day

 Digital Camera
The house was quiet
And the trappings put away.
I was tired,
Yet not ready to end the day
And sleep.
The sounds of peace,
The sweet taste of refreshment,
The glow . . .
Of stars,
Of moon,
Of Spirit . . .
It’s only just begun!

4 Responses to The First Day

  1. dogear6 says:

    I just noticed your photo over on the side (with your green top) – I love it. You look so content. The camera really captured you wonderfully.

    I’m on my last Christmas devotion from YouVersion and am starting a shorter one now to go through January 6. Your verses fit in wonderfully with how I felt.



    • Wow, thanks Nancy! One of my friends is a great photographer and did a shoot for me so I’d have some decent photos of myself for putting with bio and such for writing pieces. I’ve been using dreadful images I took with my cell phone. I am really really pleased with Darlene’s work. She knew just how to get me to pose so she got me looking better than I thought I could. We did the shoot at church and I think that’s why I was so comfortable having this done, plus she is such a sweet person it would be hard not to be relaxed.

      I’m glad my poetry touched you! Blessings, Sis!


      • dogear6 says:

        She did a great job. You should post a few more of them in your blogs. I know my readers like to see what I look like.

        BTW – I don’t remember which blog of yours I told you about the new bio on Madeleine L’Engle. It’s by Leonard Marcus and it’s not quite a bio, but interviews he did with people who knew her. I’m still finding it interesting, but it wasn’t what I expected.


      • Given my unresolved financial provision issue, sounds like a book to get from the library. Thanks!


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