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Most of us write New Years’ Resolutions and some of us live by them for a short time.  I could be mistaken on the time assumption, but I’ve never known anyone who lasted longer than a very short period before putting the thought away with the tinsel.  This year, I’m putting the whole concept away before the lights on my tree get wound up on an old paper toweling roll.  Why?  I looked up the word in the dictionary and I’m not liking its true meaning.

You see, resolution, resolve, resolute . . . no matter how you look at it, is all about me making a firm determination.

  • My thoughts
  • My plan
  • My firm and unshakable opinion  and purpose

I ask you, my readers, how’s that working for you?  I’m of the opinion that unless my life is planned by the Lord and resolve is to follow Him, then I am not necessarily living into my true purpose.  I believe it is also true that He desires that I stay in step with Him.  The world we live in is constant in its quest to mold us into something we are not, worry us with things that should not concern us, and change our focus to a place defined not by us and not by our faith but by some misguided opinion we should not pay attention to, so why do we do so?

Furthermore, why do we focus so much attention on the day and time in which our world will come to an end?  We miss the blessing of the time we are in and we miss the opportunity to live our authentic lives while we fuss about whether “they” are right this time.  What do we gain aside from a headache in doing so?  If we live by faith, then we know “if” this world were to come to an end tomorrow we know where we are going, and Matthew  24:36 tells us “No one knows about that day or hour, not even the angels in heaven, nor the Son,[a] but only the Father.” so where’s the problem?

So, the challenge, to write my resolution for the coming year?  That’s no challenge to me.  I’ve got many “challenges” to face but mapping out the next 365 days on a resolute “plan of attack” sure isn’t one of them.  I’m working on faith to eliminate the rest of the challenges as well.  I’m determined to follow the leader, Jesus Christ.

Happy New Year!

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9 Responses to The Problem With New Years’ Resolutions – DPchallenge

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    This is SO SO SO good, Martha–exactly the way I think. I just can’t get bogged down with a lot of stuff everyone else thinks is important–God tells me just to focus on today, and Him in it. My only “resolution” would be to keep Listening to Him, pray that my heart is humble and full of His grace, and do whatever He puts in my hand to do each day (not worry about next week/month, etc). God bless you, dear Sister–any plans for New Years? I’ll call when I can–love, sis Caddy


    • Thanks, Sis. I’ll look forward to chatting with you soon. I have an interview for a parttime entry level position coming up on Thursday. I am praying that the Lord’s will be done as I do not understand how this can work, but He knows the plans He has for me. No party plans here. Might be awake at midnight, though. Probably be either online or groggy in front of tv. lol Love ya, Me


  2. My sister whatever you put your mind to do, always do it as if you are doing it to God, for God, thanking him as you go! You will be very successful this year in overcoming all hurdles…stay strong for you are blessed. Much love to you and happy new year!


    • OH, thanks honey. Do you know the book “The Practice of the Presence of God” by Brother Lawrence? I’m reading it today and you and he are telling me the same message! My book, my internet, my tv remote and a mug of hot cocoa are gonna celebrate the new year together! Much love to you and yours as well, Martha


  3. Good reasons for not making the traditional resolutions! Of course, your resolution to hear and follow God’s voice is not one to make little of! Much light to you in the new year!!


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