SMILING – An Acrostic About Today

Sometimes life goes along a familiar path for a while then . . .

My heart pounds as I face a brick wall.

I thought I was clever and strong.

Looking at the wall from this side still . . .

I find myself trusting the Lord, but . . .

New heart, new hope, new crack in the brick wall . . .

God provided a toe hold to climb up and begin anew!



9 Responses to SMILING – An Acrostic About Today

  1. Thanks! I’m excitedly dusting myself off from jumping down onto the other side of the wall and shaking a little but also joyful over making it through to a new side and this new twist in the path . . . His love is amazing!


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    He always does! Good one, Martha–God bless you Big.


  3. It is always so nice to receive what He delivers! Wonderful poem dear one…I loved it… God bless!


    • Oh, thank you! I’m doing all I can to lean on HIm and not my own understanding, but I have a part time job that is totally outside my comfort zone. Prayed for Him to speak through me and for Him to not allow anything to come from my lips which were not of Him. Also that He not allow this job to be offered if it was not part of His plan. Whatever unfolds, He’ll be there! I may not yet have a paycheck in hand and may not see how this will pay even half my bills, and there are other mysteries, but He’s got a plan and that’s all I need to know. I can honestly say I’m no longer unemployed. Hallelujah! Just read Brother Lawrence’s “Practicing The Presence of God” and will reread it before my first day of work!


  4. jesusmyjoy says:

    how are you sis


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