Seven Word Sunday

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caddo's 7 word sunday

Wrapped in His love all day long!

by Martha L Shaw = Copyright – 1-13-2013

4 Responses to Seven Word Sunday

  1. Excellent, Martha! I’m sorry I missed this. Somehow I didn’t keep up with reading the Seven Words this week.
    So, are the nutella cookies gone yet? They sounded delicious.


    • Oh, thank you. Stroll on over any time! I fall behind too, then the fun of catching up comes later! 😉 The Nutella cookies are still here. Recipe makes 24 and I’m being reasonably good! I haven’t tried them with the 1/2 of sugar that some have also used in making them. I love them without so see no reason to add it. Healthier without! Really quick to make! Too bad you’re not near so I can pop on a pot of decaf and we could sip, nibble and talk about Jesus! Blessings!


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