Division Versus Unity – Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Go!

Seems to be – especially lately – that where ever I turn I hear angry voices and see fingers pointed.  I hear of daily reports of shootings somewhere in the nation, of new strife somewhere in the world, but also of this happening right in our own homes, schools, shopping malls, and churches.  Everyone seems to state a desire for “change” but like a game of “rock, paper, scissors,” it seems everyone wants to win. 

When are we going to learn to stop, to listen, to negotiate, to care?

So many amazing things have been accomplished in our world and in our backyards.  How?  Because someone was not afraid to be the one to stop, to think, to listen, and to begin anew.  Someone has to be the pioneer of change.  Are we so fearful, so selfish, so blind, and so full of conceit that we’d rather shoot or be shot than admit that this isn’t working?  Do we have eyes that see?  Do we have ears that hear?  Do we have hearts anymore?

Division = Death  . . . Unity = New Life . . . Make a Choice!

by Martha L Shaw

Copyright 1-24-2013

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5 Responses to Division Versus Unity – Daily Prompt: Ready, Set, Go!

  1. gegebearbear says:

    Great post, Martha. So very true……Jill


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