Six Word Friday

Today?  More than I could handle . . . 


4 Responses to Six Word Friday

  1. gegebearbear says:

    Great idea…OK, if I use it sometime?….Jill


    • Use what Jill? The Six Word Fridays? A bunch of us do. I should have mentioned clicking the image to be brought to more info, sorry! We also have a six word Saturday. The Friday one has a “word” assignment and today it wad “handle” but Saturday is any six words you pick! For sure, you must play with us!!!


      • Oh, but it gets better still! Caddo invented a Seven Word Sunday one which we also are all invited to play along with and thus far she still leaves it up to us to pick our own theme! (there are images floating about which you can snag and use in your own blog and link back to the originator of the fun! Will be watching for ya!


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