January 29, 2013

I needed this today. Maybe you did as well? Blessings!


Gods SpiritBut when God, who had set me apart before I was born and called me through his grace, was pleased to reveal his Son to me, so that I might proclaim him among the Gentiles, I did not confer with any human being…Galatians 1:1-17  What happened to Paul was a spiritual transformation. We know this because of the letters he wrote. When we see people we have not seen over a period of time, we wonder about their spirit,  their way of thinking and responding to different situations. Inevitably their actions help us understand the person they’ve become. We are often surprised about how people change but God is never surprised. Like Paul, God is pleased to reveal himself to us through Christ because he already knows the person we are.  When we make the decision to follow God’s law and live into the New Commandment, someone else’s good…

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A Quote of the Day on Poetry

January 28, 2013

This is sooooo true!


Poetry is the universal language which the

heart holds with nature and itself.

– William Hazlitt –

Quote of the Day – Seeds

January 28, 2013

I sit here seeing only ruin around me and being unable to climb out of its vastness and praying somehow His purpose in it will come to fruition.   I realize I may not see His purpose but there is peace to be found in knowing He uses all things.  As I did a bit of reading just now, this quote came to me:

All the flowers of tomorrow are the seeds of today.

– Anonymous –

It seems in life there are times when we, or I, are called to be the compost nourishing the seeds from which tomorrow’s flowers grow.  These times can be uncomfortable and even painful, but if it blesses the Lord, it is good.

A new season is coming and the flowers will bloom!


The pieces will all come together.  He will see to it.

(quilt is my work)

Caddo’s Seven Word Sunday

January 27, 2013

caddo's 7 word sunday

Winter’s ice melting reveals budding fresh hope!

by Martha L Shaw – Copyright 1-27-2013

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Daily Prompt: Musical

January 26, 2013

Our challenge from WordPress just now is “What role does music play in your life?”  As soon as I saw the invitation to write on it, the answer to the question and the subject of this post became clear to me.  You see, the Lord constantly touches my heart through music!  I must say that while radio, DVDs, television, concerts, websites, choirs and more always lift me up, by far the most grace and blessings come, to me from Him, through the birds singing outside my windows just now as I write this, as I first waken in the morning, and at random moments throughout the day.  Sometimes their song startles me as the disquiet of my day threatens to steal my joy, for when I stop fretting and catch my breath, their voices are foreign to the mood I’ve fallen into and it takes a moment or several to allow my soul to rest and soak up the songs of praise they sing.

tall trees at sunset

The Bible tells us oh so many times how much He cares for them and for us.  It reveals to us that if He cares so much for the birds of the air then surely He cares so much more for each one of us, no matter what.  Do you know what strikes me though?  In a storm, in a really scary hurricane with winds knocking limb after enormous limb from the trees and threatening to overtake my home, these tender, gentle, and fragile creatures still sing their songs of praise.   I ponder this as I consider the stress of my yesterday, and the annoyance of this morning.  But, the birds still sing.  I consider this as I frown over the party invitation I didn’t receive.  But, still the birds sing.  I look and listen with wonder at them as I fight thoughts of “what will tomorrow bring?”  But again, the birds sing praises.

There is a lesson to be learned from these tiny musicians and vocalists.

For me it is not one of “Does He love me more than these”

but more importantly “How can I learn to be more like them?”

Words and photo by Martha L Shaw – ©1-26-2013

Lifted Up! – Quote of the Day and Song

January 26, 2013

Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. James 4:10


A Glimpse of Glory

January 26, 2013


The sky

So full of clouds

Sent a deluge of rain

Down to soak the parched ground

And while this pleased to blades of grass

Choking to be free,

To grow,

To clothe the ground with color,

And life,

I am not a blade of grass.

I hunger for something more.

Rain is good for a time,

But the dark and stormy season

Has lingered long.


With rain still falling,

I found myself looking up.

I smiled at what I saw.

My heart became light.

My face began to glow,

I know it did.

I felt the warmth on my cheeks.

What did I see?

The dismal sky

Was parted by a break in the clouds.

A tiny ray of sun shown brightly

Where I hadn’t seen it

In a seemingly endless season.

Hope and joy smiled at me

And I smiled back.

© by Martha L Shaw 1-24-2013

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