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Okay, maybe not, but still “stuff” does take over our space and green living means we throw out less and less all the time.  I saw a great repurpose or upcycle idea for an old mens button from sports shirt.  So, I’ve done the cutting for the main project (not yet completed) and have wonky scraps set in the scrap pile . . . and a pair of sleeves.  Hmmm.  Well, the grocery sacks which build up when I forget to return my fabric ones to my car take over.  I’ve read of carpets made from them, but . . . not for me.  There is always a use for sorting and toting and it’s handy to have bags which do not have to be returned, so I keep them.  I stash some in a closet here, behind a door there, etc., along with the broom closet and pantry/laundry room…

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