Nacho Cheese Soup With Chicken and Orzo

Here is a quick and zesty recipe you’ll love!

I started with orzo and cooked it at a simmer until almost “done.”  This could be done with brown rice, quinoa, etc.  I measured approximately a cup and a half, uncooked.  When “almost done” drain and set aside.

I next opened a can of condensed nacho cheese soup and cooked it with a can of lowfat milk. As soon as the cheese melted, I added my cooked orzo and let it simmer.

While my cheesy orzo simmered, I took some cut up grilled chicken breast from my freezer (I always have some in the freezer and ready to warm up and use for a quick dish.)  I thawed my already cooked chicken in the microwave, then plated my cheesy pasta, topped with my chicken. Yum!

Options:  This can be a meatless meal easily.  I also like it with broccoli in place of the chicken.  Other interesting ingredients, when I have them, include colorful sweet peppers, chopped, and put in just before serving . . . I like mixing my textures!  Also chopped onions, any leftover meat you may have will work nicely.  Skip the rice or pasta and add lots of colorful steamed or sauted veggies and serve in a bread bowl topped with shredded cheddar cheese!  (good use for the bread you made or bought yesterday which is a bit less fresh!

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5 Responses to Nacho Cheese Soup With Chicken and Orzo

  1. Caddo Veil says:

    Sounds pretty good, Martha–you know I’m always hungry when I come here!!


    • If the “nacho” is a bit too much for your tummy, the cheddar variety would enable you to control the seasoning . . . goes good with my homemade pretzels. lol Here, sis. I’m holding out a bowl!


      • Caddo Veil says:

        Thanks! (reaching through computer screen) I like a bit of Nacho spice–I used to eat bags of those nacho doritos chips; usually paid for it later, but it was good… Have a blessed day, Sis!


  2. Sounds good! I have to watch the sodium amounts though.


    • It can be done “home made” rather than “almost” and thus lower in salt. Not sure if they make the quick canned variety in low sodium. Gonna check on that. Thanks.


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