Cin-fully Good Waffles!

I had a big meal earlier and so wanted some little thing for the evening meal.  Hmmmm . . . waffles!  I read recently of making homemade dessert in minutes by making brownies in the waffle maker. Make the batter in which ever way you like but scoop some into the waffle maker instead of the baking pan and in 5 minutes or less you’ll be adding ice cream.  Yum.  Haven’t tried it yet, but it got me thinking.

S0, last time I grocery shopped I saw the store brand “tube” of cinnamon rolls was on sale and picked up a package.  Oh, were they good.  In my waffle maker it took about 4 minutes.  The “tubes” of rolls come with frosting, but I’m not into overly sweet things, so I popped them out of my waffle maker and added a bit of butter only.  My whole main floor smells AMAZING and I had a simple and yummy evening meal.  I put the rest of the tube of rolls in a zipper bag and into the refrig for another meal.  Try it!  Think outside the tube!

Cinnamon Swirl Waffles

Cinnamon Swirl Waffles


Don’t have a waffle maker?  Check your local thrift shops.  I found mine at a small thrift shop in town for just 2.00!


6 Responses to Cin-fully Good Waffles!

  1. terry1954 says:

    sounds quick and easy!!


  2. Caddo Veil says:

    Wow, the amazing Martha–think outside the tube, that’s excellent, Sis! And yes, I’m so hungry…


    • This seems to be a theme . . . my hope is in the Lord in whom I hunger for closeness and my passion is to create a hunger for Him in those in darkness, but since all must eat, I seem to be creating a hunger of another sort! lol You know what? Those cheaper “smaller” cin rolls can be made into larger waffles simply by taking two and wrapping the layers of one around the other, hence two become one . . . and they’re cheap in store brand!!


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