Just Curling Up – A Poem and Reflection



I can’t recall a time when

I didn’t have a book in my hands

and several more close by.

I can be anyone,

go anywhere,

do anything.

I am without limits

when I’m buried in a book.

Reality can be a prison.


I wish the story wouldn’t end

so I read the book a bit more slowly.

Why, then,

when I’m on the path with Christ

do I rush and hurry

wanting to get “there”

when the gift of strolling

hand in hand with Him

is such a treasure?

Ever notice that it seems

sometimes the journey just stops?

Ever wonder why?

Perhaps it is when He spots a shade tree

and just wants me to curl up

and rest with Him!

By Martha L Shaw – © 3-2-2013


4 Responses to Just Curling Up – A Poem and Reflection

  1. Oh, Martha, this is beautiful and I love the transition from a good book to traveling with God…
    Regarding the book, I sometimes have an empty feeling when a real good book ends, so I can relate to your words…


    • Yes! So true! From the time I was a kid I literally got lost in a book. I can think of times when I was called or the phone rang and I was so involved in the book it was funny to “come back” to reality. lol As to the walk with Jesus, He leads us to being our real authentic selves which is awesome since we were created for so much more than we often envision for ourselves! Blessings and thanks so much for your lovely words!


  2. jesusmyjoy says:

    wonderful sis


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